Orthopaedic Surgery

Basic Shoulder Arthroscopy
Date: 16 April 2021

Course Details

ATTC provides Basic and Advanced training courses in Shoulder Surgery for orthopedic surgeons.

The 1-day Basic Shoulder Arthroscopy Course is intended for Orthopaedic Surgeons who seek to expand their knowledge and their expertise in arthroscopic techniques.

Demonstration and supervision by top orthopedic shoulder surgeons, Dr. Emmanouil Antonogiannakis and Dr. Emmanouil Brilakis.

The course comprises both theory and hands-on wet lab training at our fully equipped laboratories, with instruction on how to perform your first steps in shoulder arthroscopy.

During the hands-on wet lab training, each participant will practice on a cadaver specimen.

3:1 trainee to cadaver specimen ratio.

After completion, participants receive an ATTC certificate.

What will you learn?

 All about shoulder arthroscopy

  1. Basic principles
  2. Equipment needed
  3. Positioning of the patient
  4. Anesthesia
  5. Examination under anesthesia
  6. Basic set-up
  7. Portals
  8. Basic landmarks
  9. How to systematically exam the glenohumeral joint
  10. How to systematically exam the subacromial space


Educational Methods

Video and Lecture Presentations, Wet Lab Hands-on


Medical Devices

  • Arthrex 
  • Stryker 
  • Johnson & Johnson - Depuy Synthes








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